On Wayne Thiebaud’s “Cafeteria Counter”

Cafeteria Counter

When I drown in deep dark blue
I long for the whole dizzying array:
chocolate cream, coconut cream, pumpkin pie
chocolate cake, yellow cake, angel food
chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch custard
with a luscious red cherry on top.
The light fresh juicy melons
never provide the creamy mouthfeel
or the cushy cake comfort I crave.
Sugar soothes
and I rise high like meringue
until my stomach cramps
and pain crashes back down.
God is watching
but I reach for another


4 thoughts on “On Wayne Thiebaud’s “Cafeteria Counter”

  1. Your poem strikes at the heart of the emotional and mental anguish when you battle listening to your head versus filling your void in front of a tray of beautifully concocted sweet filled puffs of addictive goodness. I can so relate.

  2. Wow, I can so relate to having a sugar addiction. Love the list of sinful addictions. And the last two single syllables.

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