Hope, in bird form

cardinal in snow

Wild birds arrive from the heavens
like God’s love letters.
On sad days
I watch the blue heron arise
from our pond, gracefully gliding
over treetops into the sunrise.
On lonely days
I observe the wood duck pair traversing our pond,
so opposite in coloring
yet mated for life.
On worried days
I study the goldfinches bustling
at the sunflower seed feeders,
delighting in that day’s provision.
On harried days
I see the indigo bunting’s wings
wink at me like a starburst
against the backdrop of hard maples.
Once, on a day dark as night
I blinked back tears of despair
to witness three sleek orioles
sampling my calamondin oranges.
I held my breath
as they pried the fruit open with scissor beaks
and drew strength from the bitter juice
as if it were sweet honey.
As they left my heart lifted
like a red cardinal from a snowy thicket.


12 thoughts on “Hope, in bird form

  1. Dear Sarah, I enjoyed reading your poetry and was uplifted by it, just as the different types of birds the poem describes uplift different emotions. I too have a fascination with birds — they are a wondrous testament of the grandeur of God’s creation.

    • Thank you so much for visiting Margo! Very nice to meet you today. I am going to hop right over to your blogs too! Yes, I plan to stay connected with you via this great blogging world–wink!

    • Thanks. Plus, this poem is full of true-story moments, which makes it very real evidence of God’s love letters to me, and hopefully many others will see his special love letters as well..

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