My blog, month one: God is GOOD!


Happy one month birthday to my blog HelianthusA_sunflower-Edited!   It’s also my best day for likes, my first day to be nominated for an award, and at last count, followed by 69 people and viewed just over 1,000 times.  I am humbled, amazed, thankful—and TIRED!

As an aspiring writer, nothing affirms and motivates me more than likes and comments from bloggers and Facebook friends.  I’m so inspired by posts, poems, and photos created by fellow bloggers.  I’m borrowing great ideas from you left and right—but I promise to never reblog or post your photos without express permission.

Thank you so much for all your views, comments, and follows.  You make my hard work worthwhile.  I give all glory to God because He created and called me to write in the first place, and He wrote the stories I’m sharing with you.  I hope you’ll visit often and keep providing such kind, helpful feedback!


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