Top five lessons on blogging in my first two months

1)  Blogging is more than a hobby.

I agree with my spouse that technically speaking, my blog qualifies as a hobby since it currently generates no income.  In fact, it’s costing me a little money and loads of time.  I’ve patiently explained to my spouse that unlike other hobbies, blogging is now a must for entering the professional world.  I want to be published; therefore, I blog.

2)  Blogging is a great motivator.

The likes, comments, and follows from complete strangers keep me writing.  When I’m typing away at my book that no one sees, doubts plague me:  Will anyone read this?  Is this relevant? Am I simply feeding my ego?  Blog feedback cancels the doubts and pushes me forward.

3)  Blogging is like gardening.

I reap what I sow with blogging:  The more posts I make, the more feedback I receive.  The more often I read other blogs and comment, the more hits I get.  I must post regularly, just like I weed and water my garden regularly to get the results I want.  Most of all, blogging requires patience, as with gardening.  I won’t receive a 100-views-per-day harvest overnight.  To succeed, I must cultivate my blog with daily attention.  Now if I could just find more time to write…

4)  Blogging is best when it’s authentic.

I’m drawn to blogs that tell real, messy, beautiful stories.  I’ve received the most feedback on my most vulnerable posts.  My hands sweat as I click on Publish Post.  But sharing my stories is exhilarating and addicting.  It’s one of the greatest rewards of writing.

5)  Blogging is hard work.

I haven’t posted in almost two weeks—I hit the burnout wall.  I needed time to rest and relax with my family and catch up on chores.  My goal is to post three times per week.  I’ve tried to do that by writing on the spot, but it’s too stressful and time-consuming.  Now I’m planning to use one day a week to write blog posts and then schedule them.  I haven’t spent any time writing my book for months, and I don’t want to neglect that any longer.  All of this juggling—serving as a mom and wife, managing my household, working 30 hours per week, writing and blogging—is difficult and exhausting.  I no longer wish to leave writing out of the equation, so I have to accept it as hard work.  As my mother said over and over—To whom much is given, much is required.

What are lessons you learned as a new blogger?


3 thoughts on “Top five lessons on blogging in my first two months

  1. I can relate to so much of what you have written here. I think you were wise to take the time to rejuvenate yourself – and now that you are back, I am looking forward to reading your posts again. You have talent – please keep writing.

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