My Story

Five generations ago, my family settled in the same square mile of land upon which I live today. I am proud of my German Lutheran heritage.

My first memory is from the age of 16 months, when a 50-year blizzard hit our town. I have a strong visual memory from that point forward. My memories are often tied to deeply emotional events.

My parents divorced when I was 4 1/2 years old. At the time we lived in the finished basement of my paternal grandparents, people of strong faith. They graciously allowed my mother (their daughter-in-law), my sister, and I to live with them for several years. My mother came to a saving faith in Jesus Christ soon after the divorce. These family members deeply impacted my faithwalk.

I attended a private Christian school connected with our church. My mother became heavily involved in various ministries there. At the same time, she found work at a tax office which required long hours for months on end. When we moved into our own home, I faced the common challenges of growing up in a single-parent home, such as loneliness, excessive fears, extra responsibility, and constant frustration.

We visited my father regularly. He remarried right after the divorce, and I had a hard time acclimating to the change. I moved toward Dad for a while, when Mom got remarried one week after I turned 13. Then a perfect storm occurred: my difficult transition between private and public school, dysfunction in both homes, and the grief after my best friend moved 100 miles away. I sank into a deep depression. At age 16 I entertained suicidal thoughts, even though I had experienced spiritual rebirth a couple months earlier. God himself lifted me out of the depression, and he put a call on my life that year. At a James Taylor concert, he whispered, “You will be a writer.”

That call has taken many years to come to fruition. Over time, and especially through my marriage, God broke my spiritual strongholds of passivity, repressed anger, judgment, perfectionism, and fear. He specifically used my trials to prepare me for the work I have to do today.

I began writing my memoir in August 2012. In bits and pieces on this blog, I will share parts of my story with you. I will post a few times per week in these categories: Musings on teachings and readings, Poetry that combines my loves of art and writing, and Devotionals on scriptures which have helped me out of spiritual bondage.

Your readership and comments are a wonderful blessing. Thank you so much for visiting my site.


24 thoughts on “My Story

  1. A powerful story… So sad that there are so many out there with stories similar to yours… My own parents divorced three years ago. It’s different when you’re older, but incredibly painful in its own way… Thank you for sharing. And good luck with your memoir! I know God will use it to touch many… Through your blog, He already has!

    Best wishes,

    • Yes, I relate Jessica. I was 5 when the first divorce occurred, then 22 when the second divorce occurred. Both times resulted in deep wounds for me. You are right–painful in different ways at both ages. Another layer of pain is seeing myself at the ages of my children now and realizing how hard the first divorce pain hit me then–a sharp contrast between my children’s peaceful, more normal lives. Thanks for visiting and for your words of affirmation also. Hope to see you comment here again!

  2. Sarah, you have been through so much and that I can relate. We just have to rely fully on God to provide in our lives and I can see he has done that in your life. Thanks for sharing your story and thanks for following my posts! 🙂

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  4. My family on my mothers’, mother’s side were German Lutheran and migrated to the West Coast from Germantown, PA. I was raised to attend the Catholic Church and although I raised my own children in attending a Lutheran Church, I now attend (when I can) a Methodist Church. My beliefs are eclectic and my own Spiritual journey spans now, over 60yrs with five adult children and many grandchildren. I see you are new to the blogging arena and I hope, for you, that you find many hours of enjoyment in your writing and in the meeting of a diverse community of writers, as I, myself, have. Wishing you well. Renee

    • Renee, thank you for visiting and for welcoming me to the writing community in the blogosphere. I will follow your story, gleaning wisdom from your years of raising children in faith. Your comments about your diverse religious background has inspired my next post! Let me know what you think of it, thanks!

  5. From your personal testimony, Sarah, God has indeed been your strength and help. Praise Him for the work that He is doing in your life! Yes, He can use you to help others in similar situations. Thank you for following my blog and liking the poem.

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