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God’s Refrigerator

The first post on my new blog for adult children of divorce–check it out!

Sarah Geringer

img_1442I love my cluttered collection of magnets, photos, and business cards on the sides of my refrigerator.   When I take a phone call or sort our recycling items, I look over my collection and it makes me smile.  Corny, glittered mementos from tourist shops. Handmade creations from my children’s classrooms.  Oldie-but-goodie prints from our dating days.

The one item that always gives me pause is my August 1993 school portrait.

The 15-year-old me was nervous and excited that day.  Freshly hatched from a spiritual rebirth experience in the basement bathroom the week prior, I was ready to enter my junior year with verve for the Lord.

Little did I know that in two short months my lifelong best friend would move away, and I would turn all my hurt inward and slide downward, even entertaining suicidal thoughts.

I wasn’t aware that my depression was linked to all the hurt, anger…

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Father figure

Porträt des Grafen von Seilern mit Tochter, by Vaclav Brozik, 1895

Porträt des Grafen von Seilern mit Tochter, by Vaclav Brozik, 1895

“God sets the lonely in families.”  Psalm 68:6

He doesn’t know

the little girl inside me

leaps when we chat.

He consistently arrives.

He speaks with respect.

He defers to my femininity.

He listens and affirms.

He self-effaces though he could boast.

Best of all

faith is a bridge

not a barrier.

So often I tell myself

I don’t need a daddy anymore.

But sometimes the deep cavern opens

and grief rushes to the surface.

Today I am healed

by the kind attention

of a silver-haired man

who doesn’t recognize

the blessing he bestows.