January anew



Sleepy blue shadows

stretch long in the snow

among baby cedars

waiting for snags to crash

and create sunnier space

for their evergreen.

Wildflower seeds lay dormant

under molten oak leaves

patient in winter’s mock death

burrowing deeper

with each freeze

and thaw.

Like the dry brown grasses

blowing in the frigid wind

I considered my dream lifeless

not daring to hope

for an answer

to buried prayers.

Today my answer held surprise

and joy like a January daffodil.

My heart basked in the winter sun

like a wildflower blooming

like a cedar flourishing

despite the chill.



by Thursday night

the week has washed over me

in a heavy undertow

and I can’t take even one more

harried conversation

printed word

dirty dish

software crash

unpaid bill

without gasping for air.

Under the surface

I wash grime away

from life’s dim mirror.

There Isaiah’s vision overwhelms:

smoke lifting toward the throne

seraphim singing praise

blazing blinding light.

As the hot coal touches my lips

I praise You from the depths:





mighty to save.