Summer Poem

I love Ellen’s poetry and photographs. Today’s poem perfectly suits this warm summer morning.

Poems From Psalms And Nature


life comes faster
than it can be lived

One year
grows into another
and another into

Still another
and the crowded
soul cries out.

Time is taken
but not given
to new poems yet…

The overgrown
garden needs
weeding and pruning

Still another
cold night
on the horizon.

Then, by His mercy
another summer
is given…

Butterflies and
hummingbirds find
the renewed garden

And geraniums
kept alive in winter
bloom outside again.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Time of Singing (1994)

And So My Soul (my first chapbook; Elin Grace Publishing, 2001)

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Ode to a Daylily

wikimedia commons

Father’s Day, age sixteen

I cut you from the roadside

and mingled your bright orange stars

with lacy queen anne from Grandpa’s field.

I placed you in a blue crock

on the table set with cloth napkins

for my first full course dinner:

southern fried chicken and heavenly ice cream pie.

So proud.

Your cheer matched my heart’s joy.

June, age twenty-eight

on an impromptu county road walk

with my two sons, one newborn in the stroller

I captured your beauty on film:

swathing roadsides in brilliant color

shouting to the whole world

your orange glory, and I remembered

He is making all things new.

January anew

Sleepy blue shadows

stretch long in the snow

among baby cedars

waiting for snags to crash

and create sunnier space

for their evergreen.

Wildflower seeds lay dormant

under molten oak leaves

patient in winter’s mock death

burrowing deeper

with each freeze

and thaw.

Like the dry brown grasses

blowing in the frigid wind

I considered my dream lifeless

not daring to hope

for an answer

to buried prayers.

Today my answer held surprise

and joy like a January daffodil.

My heart basked in the winter sun

like a wildflower blooming

like a cedar flourishing

despite the chill.