I enjoyed Pat’s metaphor about letting go.

Source of Inspiration

leaf on water

I gently place
the leaf
in the stream
watch as it drifts away
one by one
I place each leaf
in waters clear
and watch them
swirl, turn, move away

Each leaf is a hurt
burst of anger
all the things
I need to let go

Finally the sack is empty
I sigh with relief
letting go of the past
making room for
happiness and contentment
free at last
I am at peace

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Summer Poem

I love Ellen’s poetry and photographs. Today’s poem perfectly suits this warm summer morning.

Poems From Psalms And Nature


life comes faster
than it can be lived

One year
grows into another
and another into

Still another
and the crowded
soul cries out.

Time is taken
but not given
to new poems yet…

The overgrown
garden needs
weeding and pruning

Still another
cold night
on the horizon.

Then, by His mercy
another summer
is given…

Butterflies and
hummingbirds find
the renewed garden

And geraniums
kept alive in winter
bloom outside again.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Time of Singing (1994)

And So My Soul (my first chapbook; Elin Grace Publishing, 2001)

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Sunday dinner, July 1985




the pressure cooker prattles

on the avocado stove

while I help Grandma

set the table for ten.

All is green:

speckled linoleum

vinyl tablecloth

tiny flowers rimming plates.

I stack Roman Meal

and sneak a lick of Country Crock before she sees.

Grandma rolls thick dumplings

for the simmering chicken

and cuts them with a butter knife

before dropping them into golden broth.

I love their rich pillow softness

with sharp pepper and salt.

I look out on the garden:

corn reaching tall

tomatoes vining wild

cantaloupe spreading wide.

Our sweet and savory sides.

Grandma turns sheet cake

into Mississippi Mud

with chocolate icing and pecans.

I steal just one nut

and fix the ragged hole with my pinkie.

I turn round and round on the bar chair

kicking my legs

waiting for the family

Sunday dinner to begin.